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We have partners in Russia, USA, Germany, and The Netherlands

About the Company

"Via Eventus"  provides services in the field of international trade and serves as a commercial agent, helping customers find the most favorable conditions. Our customers treat us as their official commercial agent when conducting foreign economic activity.

Our company was founded in 2005. Since we have been in business, we have created a team of specialists in which we take great pride. Trade, commercial transactions, relations with customs authorities and logistics organizations, engineering technologies, accounting, and records are all within our employees’ competence. They are not only professionals; they are an outsourced resource for any type of foreign economic activity. Their experience allows your company to organize its work more efficiently, as they assist in the negotiating process (up to and including conducting negotiations in your company’s name) and offer business consulting services and project management.

Our company has offices in Russia, The Netherlands, Germany, and the USA. The offices are run by local directors who are well versed in the specifics of their markets, and who interact with suppliers and transport companies working in their specific regions.

It is specifically this which allows Via Eventus to operate quickly and accurately, and gives us the confidence that our customers can access our specialists anywhere in the world for any consultations and assistance they require.

We have chosen foreign economic activity as our primary business focus. Making it simple, transparent, and fast is what our company focuses on every day. To do this, we handle the multitude of transport, customs, accounting, legal, and business issues which can occur during the preparation and execution of business transactions. As a result, we create new technology for conducting business, the effectiveness of which is proven in practice.

Via Eventus specialists strive to make foreign economic activity as convenient as it is on the domestic market. Our experience shows this is possible!


The  Via Eventus Company was founded in 2005, and was involved in import and export operations for equipment. The business grew rapidly, and the company increased its range of services. At that time, there were almost no organizations on the market offering full door-to-door assistance, including export, import, documentation support, logistical planning, customs registration, consulting services and financial support.

Our consultants were in such high demand that the company gradually made foreign economic activity its key focus. As such, our key task became working with our customers to make even the farthest corners of the earth seem closer and more accessible.

The needle of a compass has become the logo of our company. That image fully reflects our mission: to become a compass for the business world; a reliable guide and partner for whom there are no borders or insurmountable obstacles.

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